united states constitutionalism 

libertarian free capitalism 

15. Protection of private property ownership

16. Protect free movement of people and property

17. Encourage civil contract of exchange and free association

18. Promote benefit of self-interest and individual effort

19. Wage/wealth currency is equal to time/moments of life

20. Oppose eleemosynary spending by government

21. Denounce collective and co-ownership fascistic governance 

8. Contractual declaration of national independence
9. Contractual declaration of individual independence

10. Promote the general, not provide the specific
11. Authority of the states over the flexible federal
12. Emphasis on local control of locality
13. Protected redress and grievances to governmental bodies
14. Protection of the individual from persecution by the state

Who is Tom McCay? Let's begin with 'what does he stand for?'  

by Tom McCay

american exceptionalism 


  1. Respect for the sanctity of individual life
  2. Nation of laws, not men; built on principles, not ideals
  3. Divided and limited government
  4. Representative citizen legislature
  5. Consent of the governed with volunteer armed forces
  6. Pioneer spirit, optimistic view of positive outcomes
  7. Moral sense of humility, acknowledging providence